Zack Bloom, COO, Inbound Media Group

Zack Bloom


Zack is an accomplished business development executive and charismatic relationship builder with a strong track record of success in digital marketing and media. A decisive, energetic, and forward-thinking leader with persuasive communication skills, and a history of successfully building key partnerships and lasting relationships. Over the last ten plus years, Zack has cultivated and managed a number of fun, competitive, and hard-working teams, and will always buy the first round!


Prior to co-founding Inbound Media Group, Zack has served as a top-level executive and founding partner in several other start-ups and firms including a lead generation/ customer acquisition agency, cross-channel mobile app distribution network, and a domestic Call Center. Bloom, possesses an uncanny ability to read people and turn client relationships into true friendships, working tirelessly to ensure their business grows and succeeds.